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The Music, Beauty, Waters, Flowers, Joy, Peace, Love, Relationships, And More, Described by Fifty Published Eyewitnesses

by Dr. Jacques LaFrance

This book takes up many different features of heaven and shows what different eyewitnesses said about them. It shows the consistency between witnesses and their different perspectives. As a result, it tells more about heaven than any other book, and it is all based on eyewitness testimony, even though much of it mirrors and supplements what we are told in the Bible. An appendix describes hell from the point of view of nineteen eyewitnesses to that domain. The book is eye-opening and has the potential to change the reader’s view of what this life is all about in anticipation of the future life after our certain death.

Comparing Testimonies of Heaven


“By far the most universal experience of heaven is a love that exceeds any love that author has known on Earth. This is accompanied by a total acceptance and a peace we long for on Earth but don’t experience to the degree it is found in heaven.”

“On her second visit to heaven, Jeanne Enstad said she always sensed Jesus around her. “His loving presence was everywhere. There were no words to describe how wonderful it was there.” She wanted to stay in heaven and asked why she had to leave so soon. Jesus told her He wanted her to tell His people He loves them and how beautiful and wonderful heaven is.”

“Everyone who has been to heaven and seen the perfection, the joy, the peace, the love, the beauty, and the relationships is profoundly affected upon their return. Life is not the same for them as it was before. They have a new sense of what is important and what this life is all about.”


A Walk Through Heaven

I wake up one morning out of my body and notice some wonderful changes in me. Then my guardian angel takes me to heaven where he and another angel take me on a walk to learn many things about heaven, including people there, the wall and gates described in Revelation, the plants, the waters, children, the animals and pets, and many different magnificent buildings. The last thing is an awesome meeting with Jesus. He tells me to go back and write about all I have seen and share it with his people so they can be ready for his very soon return. I end up back in my body wondering what happened. While this story is fiction, there is some truth about me and all the experiences in heaven are taken from eyewitness testimony recorded in Heaven Is Beyond Imagination; that part is not fiction.


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